The Aussie Bladda Tank

Why spoil a great outdoor living area with an unsightly plastic or metal tank when an Aussie Bladda Tank can hide away perfectly under a house or deck?’



The Aussie Bladda tank is a flexible water storage tank designed to fit the sub-floor area of your home or decking, allowing you to store large amounts of rainwater without taking up valuable space in the backyard.


From a simple residential garden to a rural property, The Aussie Bladda Tank is the water storage solution designed to fit all of your watering needs from watering the garden and washing the car to flushing the toilets and supplying the washing machine.


Collecting rainwater from most of the roofed area rather than just one or two downpipes as used by a traditional rain tank means The Aussie Bladda Tank is a more effective means of capturing and storing water in the modern home or workplace.   

installing a bladda tankRainwater Bladda Tank


Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene for added strength (which means no frames are required) our product is UV stabilised and as it complies with NSF61 potable water certification, this means the tank can store your drinking water. 


The Aussie Bladda Tank is  manufactured in a range of sizes from the domestic range from 1,275 litres – 6000 litres to the rural range starting at 10 000 litres plus. See http:sizescapacities.pdf 

Bladda tanks can be multi-linked for increased water capacity.


As the bladda fills it contracts in width and length by 0.3m so this can be factored into your space calcualtions. We recommend measuring the area available prior to contacting us or your hardware store so you can get the most accurate calculation on which size bladda will suit your needs and provide the maximum water holding capacity.


The Aussie Bladda Tank is boxed for easy transport and can easily be carried down a path or other areas of limited access. See AussieBladdacartonspecsandcontent.pdf Rolled into a tubular shape in the box makes it simple to feed through limited access spaces (or a manhole) into the sub floor area with ease.

Easy Installation Of The Bladda Tank


The water bladda is then simply rolled out into position ready to be connected to the pipework and water pump system. Please refer to and follow the Installation Manual PDF provided below.


The Aussie Bladda Tank is available through all leading plumbing and hardware retailers nationally.The RRP price usually includes delivery to store and site in most metroploitan areas provided they can be signed for on delivery. Rural deliveries will incur a delivery fee.

  • Easy installation in areas with limited access.
  • UV Stabilized (resists hardening or cracking).
  • Complies with NSF61 Potable Water Certification.
  • Reinforced polypropylene for added strength.
  • Uncomplicated design. No frames required.
  • Overflow to Storm Water Can capture water from most of the roofed area rather than one or two down pipes as is the case with conventional rain water tanks.
  • Easily connected to existing garden systems.
  • Take with you when you move house.
  • Can easily be carried down pathways and areas of limited access. Boxed for easy transport (min weight 16kg).
  • Can store drinkable water.*
  • Doesn't crowd walkways or detract from the look of your garden or home.
  • Can be made to individual sizes as required.
  • Orders have a ten working day turn around from time of receipt of your order.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • 100% Australian Owned. Designed and manufactured by a  small local Melbourne Business.






         Click Here to Download The Aussie Bladda Tank Brochure.pdf



Thank you Australia for making The Aussie Bladda Tank one of the most popular bladder tanks in the country. Your support has made us grow substantially, for this we promise to continue to offer you value for money and a great product .

As seen in these great magazines


ABC Gardening Australia Feature.
Installation Video 1

Installation Video 2

Empty Aussie Bladda Tank 
Full bladda backlit

Picture shows a 2,550 litres bladda tank. Used for garden irrigation and washing the family cars.

House and Garden  with Aussie Bladda Tanks

I am very pleased to be able to provide this testimonial regarding The Aussie Bladda Tank.


"From my very first enquiry I have been impressed by the services provided by Andrew at Aussie Bladda and the recommended installer.


We had a need for rain water storage in order to maintain our gardens and also to wash our caravan and other vehicles as and when we require.


The solution offered by Aussie Bladda saw a concealed 4000 litre bladder being placed underneath our balcony, yet easily accessible leaving our property uncluttered by exposed tanks. It was also both cost effective and very practical and the installation was done on time and very professionally. I would recommend this solution. Well done"



Brian Cooper

National Manager, Executive Recruitment
"Over the past nine years we have been installing most varieties of water tanks  and flexible bladder tankd available in Australia.
We have found The Aussie Bladda Tank to be the most efficient system due to its durability, availability, pricing and ease of installation.
The Aussie Bladda Tank can be connected to numerous downpipes filling more rapidly than a conventional water tank meaning more usage options of stored water for our clients.
Aussie Bladdas have been connected to toilets,washing machines and existing sprinkler systems without problems.
All in all the Aussie Bladda system is our preferred water storage soultion here at We-Tank-U-Plumbing and the first recommendation we make."
Justin Brown
We Tank U Plumbing
Bentleigh East
Commercial Application 1
Aussie Bladda Tank 
Commercial Application 2
Aussie Bladda Tank