Water Pumps & Poly Tanks



The Onga WaterSwitch is designed to give mains pressure and flow and to be matched to the water supply requirements within the house, supplying water to toilets, washing machines and garden taps. The WaterSwitch continuously supplies mains water in the event of a power failure. Upon activation, the solenoid valve prevents mixing of mains and tank water so genuine water savings are achieved. Turbine flow sensor gives increased sensitivity, detects flow down to as little as 2ltr/min- to get the most out of your tank and reduce mains usage. Stainless steel mesh filter on pump and mains inlet to eliminate debris. Integrated dual check valve (mains) and single check valve on pump delivery eliminates backflow and siphoning. Comes with Two year warranty.
Pump cover is available in two standard options: Merino and Mist Green.
Comes with H2OInformer. Stick it on the fridge. New state of the art wireless interface module records water usage for both mains and tank water so you can see your water usage up to 20m range. Water source indication (mains or tank usage) and large LCD screen for easy reading.


Sidewalk easily accomodates a Thintank 2000ltr
1000 ltr & 2000 ltr sizes available.
Colour range Beige, Heritage Green, Mist Green, Heritage Red, River Gum, Mountain Blue, Smooth Cream or Slate Grey.
Thintanks connect together to provide screening.
Thin  Tanks - Slim Line Water Storage
The Aussie BladdaTank offer the latest in Australian made innovation in slim line poly rain water tanks, one of the slimmest available on the market making it perfect for smaller house blocks and narrow pathways.
Available in a range of modern colours and manufactured from UV stabilised, 100% food grade polyethylene, one piece construction for strength and stability and a smooth finish for easy cleaning. Each tank comes with a leaf strainer and 10 year warranty.
  • Join tanks together to create a screen.
  • Brass couplings included.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearnce.
  • Manufacturer's 10 year repair or replacement warranty.
  • Australian made.
  • Perfect for small courtyards and narrow pathways.
Available in two sizes:
1000 litre  H: 1850mm  L: 2400mm  W: 260mm
2000 litre  H: 1850mm  L: 2400mm  W: 480mm

Hydromax D-Tank Twinny 1,000litres

Hydromax D-Tank Tripple Set 1,500litres

Hydromax D-Tank Quad 2,000litres

D-Tank Installaion Guide.
1850mm Height x 600mm x 600mm 
Poly Carb Self Priming Jet Water Pump
with Pressure Control
Stainless Steel Self Priming Jet Water Pump